Master CharactersEdit

Character Master Skills Unit
Amuro Ray (U.C.0079) Accuracy 100% Red Buster Chance Step Unlimited Act Again Gundam (Basic)
Char Aznable (U.C.0079) Movement Up Evasion 100% Free Capture Gundam Killer Char's Gelgoog (Basic)
Kou Uraki EXP Up When Hit Movement Up Beam Mitigation Tension Up Gundam GP01-Fb (Basic)
Anavel Gato Free Capture Accuracy 100% Attack Up Tension Up Gundam GP02A (Basic)
Kamille Bidan Attack Up Tension Up EN Absorption MP Unlimited Zeta Gundam (Basic)
Quattro Bajeena Movement Up Forced Return Chance Step Unlimited Act Again Hyaku Shiki (Basic)
Jerid Messa EXP Up When Hit Designate Damage Free Capture Tension Up Gundam Mk-II (Titans) (Basic)
Judau Ashta Area EN Recovery Free Capture Attack Up MP Unlimited ZZ Gundam (Basic)
Haman Karn (U.C.0088) Shooting Range Up Attack Up MP Unlimited Beam Mitigation Qubeley (Basic)
Amuro Ray (U.C.0093) MP Unlimited Shooting Range Up HP 50% Recovery Act Again Nu Gundam (Basic)
Char Aznable (U.C.0093) Attack Up Forced Return Shooting Range Up Act Again Sazabi (Basic)
Banagher Links HP/EN 20% Recovery Tension Up Red Buster MP Unlimited Unicorn Gundam (Basic)
Full Frontal Movement Up Attack Up Evasion 100% Act Again Sinanju (Basic)
Seabook Arno Adjacent HP Recovery Movement Up Chance Step Unlimited Tension Up Gundam F91 (Basic)
Tobia Arronax Tension Up EXP Up When Hit Accuracy 100% Beam Mitigation Crossbone Gundam X-1 (Basic)
Uso Evin Free Capture Tension Up Shooting Range Up Red Buster V Gundam (Basic)
Domon Kasshu Attack Up Tension Up Gundam Killer HP/EN 20% Recovery Shining Gundam (Basic)
Heero Yuy HP 50% Recovery Physical Mitigation Attack Up Act Again Wing Gundam (Basic)
Zechs Merquise Movement Up Free Capture Attack Up Tension Up Tallgeese (Basic)
Garrod Ran Tension Up Free Capture Attack After Moving EN 50% Recovery Gundam X (Basic)
Loran Cehack Area HP Recovery Area EN Recovery Attack After Moving Tension Up ∀ Gundam (Basic)
Harry Ord Tension Up Accuracy 100% Attack Up Chance Step Unlimited Gold SUMO (Basic)
Kira Yamato Attack After Moving Attack Up Movement Up Chance Step Unlimited Aile Strike Gundam (Basic)
Athrun Zala Tension Up Movement Up Accuracy 100% Gundam Killer Aegis Gundam (Basic)
Shinn Asuka Tension Up Attack Up Gundam Killer EXP Up When Hit Sword Impulse Gundam (Basic)
Setsuna F Seiei Attack Up Movement Up Tension Up Red Buster Gundam Exia (Basic)
Graham Aker Tension Up EXP Up When Hit HP 50% Recovery Gundam Killer Union Flag Custom (Basic)
Ribbons Almark Free Capture HP 50% Recovery EN 50% Recovery Tension Up 0 Gundam (Basic)
Flit Asuno Attack Up EN 50% Recovery Tension Up Act Again Gundam AGE-1 Normal (Basic)
Desil Galette Gundam Killer Designate Damage Free Capture Shooting Range Up Zedas (Basic)

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