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SD Gundam G Generation Wiki

The G Generation Wiki is a project to document and create a central resource for the SD Gundam G Generation video game series.
G Generation is a Japanese turn-based strategy RPG series based on the Gundam meta-series, spanning multiple consoles. The premise of the main, console-based entries of the series is building a team of your favorite characters and mobile suits and taking them through famous battles of the Gundam universe, while the handheld installments typically revolve around a more contained crossover story between multiple Gundam series with more limited freedom of character/unit choice.

All contributors are welcome but are requested to be neat and organized in their contributions. Please read the documentation guidelines before editing.
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"The wiki should be measured on the amount of Zakus!"
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SD Gundam G Generation SEED
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SD Gundam G Generation Spirits
UnitsCharactersStage GuideUnlockablesOption Parts & Unit AbilitiesFAQGameplay Mechanics
SD Gundam G Generation World
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SD Gundam G Generation Overworld
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