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Gundam Stage 1: ガンダム大地に立つ

Win Conditions:

  • All enemies destroyed

Lose Conditions:

  • Master unit destroyed
  • All player units destroyed
  • Amuro is defeated
  • Bright is defeated

Haro Rank Quota:

  • Normal: 780
  • Bronze: 1970
  • Silver: 3550
  • Gold: 5520
  • Platinum: 7890

Player Units:
Player Team
White Base - Bright Noa

M Gundam - Amuro Ray

Enemy Units:
Enemy Reinforcements:
-Trigger: All enemies defeated
Falmel - Dren

  • Zaku I - Zeon Soldier (Standby)
    • Zaku I - Zeon Soldier (Standby)
    • Zaku I - Zeon Soldier (Standby)

Char's Zaku II - Char Aznable
Zaku II - Zeon Soldier
Zaku II - Zeon Soldier
Zaku II - Zeon Soldier
Zaku II - Zeon Soldier

Each missile has an explosion range of 3 spaces, so just keep your distance and they can't touch you. Char will appear after you've destroyed them all. The Zakus are pretty fragile so your units should have no trouble with them while Amuro weakens Char.

If you're just starting out, a recommended option part to aim for is the Beam Flag Installation which will increase the size of your team area by 3 spaces when equipped on your warship. It's a gold-rank prize which should be fairly easy to get on this stage.

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