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Gundam ZZ Stage 1 Event Stage

Win Conditions:

  • All enemies destroyed

Lose Conditions:

Player Units:
Argama - Bright Noa
Zeta Gundam - Judau Ashta
Player Reinforcements:
-Trigger: Mashymre Cello is defeated
Methuss - Fa Yuiry

Enemy Units:
Galluss-J - Mashymre Cello
Enemy Reinforcements:
-Trigger: Mashymre Cello is defeated
Geze (Yazan Unit) - Yazan Gable
Geze - Gemon Bajack
Zssa - Mashymre Cello

Decide it with Judau in just two shots. Fa can handle the Gezes before they destroy the Argama just so long as she doesn't miss, so let Judau handle Mashymre again for a quick win.

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