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Gundam ZZ Stage 4 Event Stage

Win Conditions:

Lose Conditions:

  • Ple is defeated

Player Units:
Gundam Mk-II (Dodai Kai) - Elpeo Ple
Player Reinforcements:
-Trigger: Automatically on Turn 2
M ZZ Gundam - Judau Ashta
Player Reinforcements 2:
-Trigger: Automatically on Turn 4
Zeta Gundam - Roux Louka
Hyaku Shiki (Dodai Kai) - Beecha Oleg

Enemy Units:
Sandra - Glemy Toto
Bawoo (Base Jabber) - Arius Moma

Retreat to the top-right corner and then let Judau demolish the enemies, then go and beat Glemy.

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