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MS IGLOO Stage 1: 大蛇はルウムに消えた

Win Conditions:

  • All enemies destroyed

Lose Conditions:

  • Master unit destroyed
  • All player units destroyed
  • Hemme or Washiya is defeated
  • Martin is defeated

Haro Rank Quota:

  • Normal: 730
  • Bronze: 1840
  • Silver: 3310
  • Gold: 5150
  • Platinum: 7360


  • Event Movie 02: Automatically at beginning of stage

Player Units:
Player Team
Jotunheim - Martin Prochnow
Musai - Zeon Officer
M Jormungand - Aleksandro Hemme
Small Observation Boat - Hideto Washiya
Player Reinforcements:
-Trigger: Hideto Washiya heavily damaged
Zaku II - Zeon Soldier

Zaku II - Zeon Soldier

Enemy Units:
Magellan (Green) - Federation Officer

Salamis - Federation Officer

Salamis - Federation Officer

Saberfish - Federation Soldier

Enemy Reinforcements 1:
-Trigger: A player unit approaches the bottom of the screen
Saberfish - Federation Soldier

Enemy Reinforcements 2:
-Trigger: 2 turns after Player Reinforcements appear
Magellan (Green) - Federation Officer

When the Observation Boat is heavily damaged, a bunch of Zakus will appear and destroy all of the Saberfish around it. Make sure to wait for at least two more turns for the enemy Magellan to appear for extra Haro points. The Jormungand will gain the ability to move and attack, so give it some time to regenerate energy and then take out the Magellan.

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