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Zeta Gundam Stage 1: 星を継ぐ者

Win Conditions:

  • All enemies destroyed

Lose Conditions:

  • Master unit destroyed
  • All player units destroyed
  • Kamille is defeated
  • Henken is defeated

Haro Rank Quota:

  • Normal: 1310
  • Bronze: 3270
  • Silver: 5890
  • Gold: 9170
  • Platinum: 13100

Player Units:
Player Team
Argama - Henken Bekkener

M Gundam Mk-II (Titans) - Kamille Bidan

Enemy Units:
Alexandria - Gady Kinsy

  • GM Quel - Titans Soldier (Standby)
    • GM Quel - Titans Soldier (Standby)
    • GM Quel - Titans Soldier (Standby)

Brunei - Titans Officer

Sichuan - Titans Officer

Hizack - Jerid Messa
GM Quel - Titans Soldier

Enemy Reinforcements:
-Trigger: Enemy Turn 3
Bosnia - Federation Officer

Galbaldy Beta - Lila Milla Rira

Enemy 2 Reinforcements:
-Trigger: Enemy Turn 2
Rick Dias (Red) - Franklin Bidan

Advance with the Argama as you clear out the enemies so you can move it to safety when the enemy reinforcements arrive.

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