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A01: 木馬 出航ス!

Win Conditions:

  • All enemies destroyed

Lose Conditions:

  • Master unit destroyed or all player units destroyed
  • White Base destroyed


  • 5000 Capital


  • Break Trigger 1: Amuro defeats Char
  • Break Trigger 2: Kamille defeats Jerid
  • Challenge Mission 1: Can Amuro defeat Char on the first turn?
  • Challenge Mission 2:

Player Units:
2 Groups
White Base - Bright Noa

Generation Break 1 Player Reinforcements:
M Gundam Mk-II (Titans) - Kamille Bidan
Rick Dias (Red) - Quattro Bajeena

Enemy Units:
Char's Zaku II - Char Aznable
Zaku II - Zeon Soldier
Zaku II - Zeon Soldier
Generation Break 1 Enemy Reinforcements:
Hizack - Jerid Messa
GM Quel - Titans Soldier
GM Quel - Titans Soldier
GM Quel - Titans Soldier
GM Quel - Titans Soldier
Secret Enemy:
Gundam GP02A - Anavel Gato

There are only three enemies, so there's nothing that really needs to be said.

Generation Break 1:
Finish off Char with Amuro. Lure the enemy reinforcements to the top of the screen with the rest of your units.

Challenge Mission 1:
To defeat Char with Amuro on the first turn, simply launch your units and immediately attack in order to weaken him for Amuro to finish. Do not worry about the GP02's map attack; Gato will not use it.

Generation Break 2: Stages SD Gundam G Generation World

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